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The Super Star Strategy for Success

The Super Star Strategy for Success is simple: Build the best team possible and support the team with the best resources possible. Support the team with better communication, feedback and access.

For education, the best team is the school, the teacher, the student and the parent - all working together for the academic success of the child. One of the best resources for this team is Super Star Online which builds on the success that schools, teachers and students have had in school and adds new opportunities for: at home use, parental (and family) involvement, and family literacy. The combination of this team, along with this resource, is a powerful combination that will lead to academic success and personal success.

The resource: Super Star by Help Me 2 Learn has been used in schools since 2000 and has proven to be not only an enjoyable and popular educational resource but an effective resource. Super Star by Help Me 2 Learn is a series of research based educational software titles which are correlated to state standards (https://www.helpme2learn.com/research.php). This award winning series of phonics, reading, language arts, early learning, Spanish and math software has proven to be very popular with students and teachers alike and has proven to help raise test scores for: at grade level students, at-risk students, ESL, and special needs students.

At Home Use

Super Star Online uses the same series of software and delivers it to students via the Internet. Use of the software is no longer limited to the classroom or computer lab, the software can be used almost anywhere there is a computer connected to the Internet with a broadband connection. Most often this will mean that the software will be used at school and at home.

At home use significantly extends the time available for using the software as well as allows parents and family members to be involved with working with the student on their assignments. Most students spend about 35 hours a week at school; this means that after subtracting sleep time, they still have about 77 hours a week outside of school. This doesn't account for vacation, holidays and other days out of school. It is clear that most students could benefit from spending more of this time working on their education.

Besides giving students the opportunity to fill their time with something more beneficial, Super Star Online also offers students an opportunity to learn at their own pace in a comfortable home environment. It removes some of the time or teacher pressure at school and gives students a chance to play and learn. It gives them a chance to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

At home use gives the student significant new opportunities to do their part to work with the team that is supporting them. They are no longer limited by school time.

Parental Involvement

While there are several ways for parents to be involved with their child and the education of their child, Super Star Online offers a specific and special way for parents to become involved. Each title has a 'Parent' button specifically designed to help promote a closer connection with the school and the teacher, and a method of working with the child on their lessons and tracking their progress.

When parents or family members click on the "Parent's" button, they can read a message from the teacher letting them know what lessons the class should be working on, if there is one. The parent can run a report showing the child's progress in the program and in the Pre-test/Post-test. The parent also has the option of going into the program in the "parent or practice" mode where they can become familiar with the games, songs, activities, tests and all the components of the lesson, and they can do this without affecting the reporting or tracking of their child. Parents who understand what their child is working on will be better able to help their child and better able to understand where their child is having trouble.

We believe that parents will appreciate the way they are allowed to understand the lessons their child is working on. Parents may find that the software helps them build their or rebuild their skills. We believe that parents will enjoy working with their child and will enjoy the software because it makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Some students face extra learning challenges because they come from families that are no longer whole. Parents who are separated may not have the same opportunities to help their child. Super Star Online gives those parents a new opportunity to track the progress of their child and work with their child regardless of which home the child is in or is visiting. Super Star Online provides new opportunities for grandparents and other family members to become involved.

Parents will also need to help provide a computer and access to the Internet for the child. This access may be at home, or it may be a public library or other access point. Parents will need to help the student access the software and monitor their use of the Internet.

Most of all, parents can help motivate their child. We believe a motivated child will be a successful child. Motivation can come as a simple reminder to use the software, by watching the child's progress and printing the child's certificates of achievement, or more involved as a parent works side-by-side with the child on their lessons. Students will be motivated when a parent takes interest in their education, when a parent shows that education is important and they make learning a priority.

Family Literacy

As a side benefit, but an important benefit is family literacy. Some parents aren't able to help their child as much as they like because they do not have the skills needed to be able to help. Those parents or family members can use the software in the parent mode, to learn along with the child. Parents with good literacy skills and good math skills will be more successful and will they be better able to help their child.


Educational software need no longer be locked up when the school closes its doors. Students do not need to stop learning when they have turned in their books or go home. Learning can and should be available to students at all times. Super Star Online provides new opportunities to build a stronger team effort, it allows students and parents to accept more responsibility for the education of the child, and the success of the child will improve the relationship of all who are involved and will make all successful.

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