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Coronavirus: 60-day Free Online Trial for Schools

These are challenging times and our world has changed. Many schools have cancelled classes and have gone to online education due to the Coronavirus. We want to help. If your school has closed or if you just want to prepare for closure, we want to offer you a free 60-day trial of Super Star Online. No obligation to continue after the trial.

Free Preview of our courses: We offer an opportunity to view and try our courses, click on Super Star Free Course Preview to view and try our courses (free). User name: super, password: star. This is an open preview of our courses. If you like what you see, you can request a free 60-day trial for your school, which will include individual accounts and all the features of Super Star Online.

To request a 60-day free trial for your school, send your e-mail request to: dan@helpme2learn.comRequest for a Free 60-day Trial for a School. We will usually setup the free trial within one day.

Home or Home School Users go to: Super Star Phonics offers a free trial of our self-managed Super Star Online courses. Bundle prices from $4.95 to $9.95 per month.