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Games of Math 1

Ages 5 and up

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System Requirements:

Windows 10 / 7
sound card, mouse

credit cards

Games of Math 1 - Addition & Money

by Help Me 2 Learn

Games of Math 1 is a totally unique and exciting way to learn addition and money! Students begin at the appropriate level: beginning, intermediate or advanced. There is a practice section to work on specific number sense problems, addition and money skills. Students then select their character and build a custom pet which will be used throughout the games. There are 6 challenging games, each game features 5 levels of play. The objective is to complete each level and earn the gold star certificate while building addition and money skills and fluency.

Topics Covered:

  • Number Sense: recognizing numbers and their value
  • More than, less than and equals
  • Addition problems from beginnig to 10,000
  • Addition Word Problems
  • Identifying and Using Money

Program Features:

  • Designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced students
  • Exciting graphics and games provide feedback and interactivity
  • Practice section allows the student to choose the problems they want to work on and print a report with those problems they miss
  • Features the Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system

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